McKinley Consulting is a consultancy and IT services company  dedicated to the financial systems integration.The founders, professional and experts in the financial services industry, have structured the finance practice and its offers in relation with the industry expectations. McKinley  is supporting the main actors of the financial services industry on different projects covering the Front, Middle, Back Office and the Risk area

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Information System Consulting

By Council activity in information systems, Mc Kinley Consulting helps clients achieve the best performance. Thanks to its expertise and diverse experience of its consultants, the firm offers effective solutions and accompanies its customers in their implementation. Lire la suite...

Expertise en Progiciels Financiers

The financial software tools are real performance and responsiveness for financial activities, their mastery is a sacred asset market. Mc Kinley Consulting develops the expertise and know-how to own the world's leading publisher of software, namely Murex, Misys, Calypso and many others. Lire la suite...

Le modèle Global Delivery

In response to industry requirements for cost reduction and performance optimization, McKinley Consulting expands its services with its global delivery model to reconcile these two conflicting requirements and offer customers additional solutions Onshore and Nearshore while placing proximity to the customer at the center of its offering. Lire la suite...  


Recognizing the importance of training to sustain excellence and continue to offer the best advice and service to our customers, Mc Kinley Consulting grows double technical and functional skills through its specialized entity MKT Finance (Mc Kinley Training Finance).Lire la suite...



McKinley Consulting offers opportunities to give a boost to your career.

Featured Jobs:

EQD Support fonctionnel salle de marché
  Corporate & Investment Banking – Paris
Analyste Développeur Senior SUMMIT
  Corporate & Investment Banking – Paris
Integrateur Murex Flex API
  Corporate & Investment Banking – Paris
  Ingénieur Commercial spécialisé en finance de marché
  Mc Kinley Consulting – Paris
Chargé(e) de Recrutement Confirmé(e)
  Mc Kinley Consulting – Paris
Consultant Murex Migration de Données
  En partnership – London
Consultant MLC
  En partnership - Dublin
Consultant Expert en Intégration Murex
  En partnership - Moyen Orient
Consultant MLC
  En partnership - Moyen Orient